Prospect Park Polaroids

Prospect Park

I recently bought an instant camera. I thought I was being very cool and original but it turns out I’m a latecomer to a very crowded party full of very trendy people with better haircuts than me.

Prospect Park Subway Station

But that’s ok. I still think this will be a nice way to document some of my travels and adventures. It’s bulky and heavy and photos cost a pound a pop. But they look really cool and washed out and evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

Prospect Park Lake
With the effort it takes to lug this thing around, plus the cost of film, I hope it will make me really think hard about what I choose to photograph and put effort into making sure it’s a good shot.

Prospect Park Long Meadow
So, with this in mind, I visited Prospect Park in Brooklyn for the first time to take some snaps and get used to using the camera.

Prospect Park Lake

The photos came out ok for the most part. Two or three are unusable but I’m particularly pleased with one of them. See if you can guess which one.

Prospect Park Boathouse
Prospect Park is lovely. It’s quieter than Central Park and feels more spread out and less manicured. Nature takes priority in wooded areas where it is strictly forbidden to step off of designated paths to allow regrowth.


An area called ‘Long Meadow’ is particularly pleasant, with rolling grassy hills, scattered oak trees and picnicking families. Prospect Park is also home to an impressive lake and a beautiful white boathouse, built in 1905.

Prospect Park Boathouse

Let me know what you think in the comments section. Share some of your favourite Polaroids.

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